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What did you always want to know about how to become an established researcher? Please enter any kind of questions related to scientific career development within tree-ring science. When entering questions and sharing experiences, please be respectful of others.

If you wish to participate in a video interview which will be published on dendroschool, in which you can ask your question in-person, please also leave your name and e-mail address (your details won’t be visible to anybody but the ATR board).


We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to think about any questions you may have related to career progression or experiences you may have had that were important in your personal journey and enter these into the AMA and/or TMA. When entering questions and sharing experiences, please be respectful of others.

When taking part, please think about the people who will benefit from the information you provide. For example, if you have faced a challenge in your career, remember to report what you did to find a solution or to overcome the challenge, and how things are now as a result of the change you made or the advice/support you received.

Once we have collected a significant amount of questions and experiences, we will compile these into a short video of interviews which will be posted on If you wish to participate in these videos, e.g. by recording yourself asking the question or by sharing your experiences, please express your willingness to do so and leave your e-mail address in the respective online form. In cases where questions cannot be answered by the TMA’s provided, we may individually contact researchers, in confidence.

We hope that this short video interview where frequently-asked career-related questions are addressed by experienced researchers will form a part of the ATR mentoring programme. We hope to be able to show the first example video during the annual ATR membership meeting at the virtual TRACE 2021 meeting in June.