TRACE 2019 video abstracts


Sorted by date of submission. Click on link to access the videos.

1. Mauro Bernabei et al.: The Rigopiano tragedy: dendrochronological analyses of the trees along the avalanche track.

2. Francesco Niccoli et al: The influence of mixed tree plantation on soil fertility and plant productivity: a combined approach.

3. Michal Rybníček et al.: The oldest dendrochronologically dated wooden construction in Europe.

4. Jörg Niederberger et al.: Immobilization of P into wood and bark following fertilization.

5. Juliane Stolz et al.: From wet to dry: Studying the climate sensitivity and resilience of pine and beech growth over a precipitation gradient in northeastern Germany.

6. Anastasiia Lahoiko et al.: Wood formation in two Quercus roburphenological forms in Kyiv, Ukraine.

7. Marek Ježík et al.: Intra-seasonal beech chronologies response to weather variability during twelve consecutive seasons at high altitude in Poľana Mts., Western Carpathians, based on proxies extracted from dendrometers.

8. Serena Antonucci et al.: Influence of climatic factors on silver fir xylogenesis along the Italian Peninsula.

9. Enrico Tonelli et al.: Are short tree-ring series suitable for detection of climate-growth relationships? A trial with young black pines encroaching the central Apennines treelines.

10. Elisabeth Robert et al.: Remarkable absence of within-species adjustments in conductive xylem, phloem and xylem parenchyma structural traits along a water availability gradient.

11. Alba Anadon-Rosell et al.: Assessment of the rewetting effects of a swamp through the quantitative wood anatomical analysis of Alnus glutinosa.

12. Cesar Alvites et al.: Dendrochronology of Polylepisin the AndesDendrochronological analysis and growth patterns of Polylepis reticulata(Rosaceae) in the Ecuadorian Andes.

13. Peili Fu et al.: Seasonal radial growth of Toona cililata from tropical forests with contrasting soil water status in Xishuangbanna, SW China.

14. Tzu-Tung Sassa Chen and Hans Linderholm: Can climate change trigger resurgence of infectious diseases? A malaria case study in Sweden.

15. Allan Buras et al.: Willow dwarf-shrubs in a changing Arctic: insights from a natural long-term warming experiment.

16. Allan Buras et al.: Provenance selection and site conditions determine growth performance of Quercus robur.

17. Kristof Haneca et al.: WOODAN: towards a European database of wooden archaeological artifacts.

18. D. Tishin et al.: Xylogenesis of Scots Pine growing in stress conditions of the Middle Volga Region, Tartastan, Russia.