Welcome to the ecology session. Here, you can learn about drought susceptibility of beech and oak (Ben Meyer), effects of drought legacies on climate sensitivity (Christopher Leifsson), what to expect from climate change in the Mediterranean (Joana Vieira), climate response of beech and pine along a precipitation gradient (Juliane Stolz), the potential natural forest (Mario Trouillier), and effects of frost and drought on carbon dynamics of beech forests (Negar Rezaie). To increase streaming quality, please enable HD-mode while watching. Enjoy!

1. Higher susceptibility of beech to drought in comparison to oak (Ben Meyer)

2. Drought legacies alter the way climate affects tree growth (Christopher Leifsson)

3. Water manipulation on xylogenesis: what to expect from climate change in the Mediterranean region (Joana Vieira)

4.  From wet to dry: shifts in climate sensitivity of pine and beech along a precipitation gradient in northeastern Germany (Juliane Stolz)

5. Growth trends of the potential natural forest (Mario Trouillier)

6. Frost and drought: effects of extreme weather events on stem carbon dynamic in a Mediterranean beech forest (Negar Rezaie)