Cutting Edge Dendrochronology

Welcome to the Cutting Edge Dendrochronology session! Below you will find video abstracts order in alphabetical order by Achim Bräuning, Brita Lorenten, Daniel Druckenbrod, Giulia Resente, Milena Veiga, Nina Skrk, Sugam Aryal, Victor Mihaila, and Pawel Matulewski. Enjoy!

Sugam Aryal et al: dendRoAnalyst: A package to process and analyse time-series dendrometer data.
Achim Bräuning et al.: BayTreeNet – A new interdisciplinary approach to illustrate climage change on forest ecosystems.

Daniel Druckenbrod et al.: Detrending Tree-ring Widths in Closed-Canopy Forests for Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology.
Brita Lorentzen et al.: Experiments in Portable Scanning as a Tool for Minimally Destructive Dendrochronological Sampling of Cypriot Wooden Cultural Heritage.
Pawel Matulewski et al: Blue rings and compression wood occurrence in trampled and non-trampled Scots pine roots.
Victor Mihaila et al: Protocol for optimizing microcore processing for X-ray CT scanning workflow 
Giulia Resente et al.: Mask, Train, Repeat! Artificial Intelligence for Quantitative Wood Anatomy.
Nina Skrk et al.: SLOCLIM: A new high-resolution daily gridded precipitation and temperature dataset for Slovenia.
Milena Veiga et al.: Integrating multiple-proxies from tree rings and speleothems to allow paleoclimate studies in Central Brazil using a unique set of subfossil wood.