Welcome to the climatology session. Here, you can learn more about forest response to future climate (Annette Müller), a dendroclimatic process-based model (Jeanne Rezsohazy), micro- and macro-climate effects on Scots pine growth (Karolina Janecka), blue intensity signals in Hedlreich’s pine (Nick Tsvetanov), and stable isotopes in larch (Tito Arosio). To increase video quality, consider enabling HD-mode while watching. Enjoy!

1. A new appraoch to derive forest response to future climate (Annette Müller)

2. The application and evaluation of a dendroclimatic process-based model (Jeanne Rezsohazy)

3. The effects of microclimate vs. regional climate on the growth of Scots pine (Karolina Janecka)

4. Exploration of the spatial extent of climate signals in Heldreich’s pine blue intensity (Nick Tsvetanov)

5. Differences in stable isotope ratios of deciduous larch (Tito Arosio)